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I came to my work in clay through meditation, and my original inspiration was the form as a holder of space, or liquid, or even tea …

I have continued to be moved by the unique properties of the clay form itself – its ability to be shaped to my whims, to be cloaked in colors vibrant or muted, to be turned to stone or blended to porcelain, to be changed from an impermanent glob of clay platelets into one of the most permanent forms ever created by human hand. It is truly amazing.

When I add to this inspiration my love of painting with wild abstraction in color, or honing my craft through simple unadorned forms, a unique blend of form and function is realized!

All of my work is ‘one of a kind’ in its true sense. There is no production in my pottery, even though at times I can be very productive. Each piece shows where I am in my process of discovery, and I continue to look forward to where the clay will lead me next.

A history of my work and some of my favourite pieces can be seen in the Gallery on this site and, of course, you can shop more recent items from my online ‘pot shop’ as well.

In my studio, just north of Trenton, Ontario, I create works that marry form and function along with pieces that you could display on your table or your walls. All could be passed down from generation to generation.

The studio is in an ideal location in Frankford with a lovely view of the Trent River, inspirational to anyone with an eye for water, and you can visit to see me at work or view the studio showroom by chance or appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Susan McDonald


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Calendar of Events

Pottery Classes here in Frankford are now finished … so sorry, but we are moving!  There are classed in Warkworth at Frantic Farms — tell Monica I sent you …

I still have functional work showing at Grill’s Orchard.


We will have a giant sale of pots here at the studio before we move.  The date will be posted soon!
25 Hanna Lane, Frankford, On.   Call 613-398-1584 or 905-753-2731 for directions!