All Fired Up

Did you miss me?

Whew!  What a week!  We got back Saturday night, after a week away -- at Sauble Beach.  I know, that sounds delightful, eh?  And, it was in so many ways ... but, we were BUSY!  We were there for the week up to our daughter's wedding, so the time was filled with kids,...

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Forget Mr. Rogers …

What's that?  Are you saying it's not possible?  Well, maybe it is ... if you're looking for a new neighbourhood!  And, maybe if you're a faerie, or a lover of faeries, or beneficial insect friends, or toads ... Because if you are, do I ever have a neighbourhood for...

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Can’t hurry love …

That's what we're told.  Actually, it's love and pottery.  I've got eight monster faerie houses drying and because there's so many darn attachments on them, they can't be hurried.  They are taking up all of my usable space in the studio.  They need to move along into...

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We've had an invasion as you can see! They are everywhere on the back lawn by the firing shed, and I mean EVERYWHERE!  The question is, are faeries far behind?  Strange question you ask?  Not at all!  Because I've just started a process of making mystical creatures...

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Yes, Virginia …

That's right.  There is a Santa Claus.  Or, at least, that's the way it seems when the kiln gets opened and things look GOOD!   Had a dream last night.  Probably a dream that many potters have -- things had exploded in the kiln and there were pottery particles all...

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All is not lost …

The berry bowl escapade is finished ... they went from over-fired cone 6 to somewhat cute, but what a rigamarole!  First I painted the darn things with just one coat of underglaze and warmed them in the oven.  (You heard all about that!) Now they've been glazed and...

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Sanity returns …

It happens every year at this time (tax time, that is).  My husband and I turn into lunatics getting stuff together for the tax return and then drive each other around the bend waiting to hear from the accountant about how much we'll have to ante up.  Things get tense...

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What do you do?

I told you the tale of the completely overfired pots ... so, the last couple of days were spent painting the darn things (don't want to throw out a kiln load of otherwise perfectly good pots!), and some of them are now in the oven warming up so I can clear glaze them....

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Not only is that the first three letters of my postal code ... it's what things would be, in the best of all possible worlds.  Question is, is that where we are?  Some days I'd say "you bet!", other days, not so much! Want to talk about yesterday?  First we found a...

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Calendar of Events

Pottery Classes here in Frankford!
Practically Potty Studio
25 Hanna Lane, Frankford, Ont.
905-753-2731 or 613-398-1584

She’s everywhere, she’s everywhere — to check the schedule visit our Events Page for more info!

You can also visit the Ungallery in Picton to see Susan’s pottery and work on paper — just click here for more info!

Or, if you’re looking for more functional work go to Grill’s Orchard.  They have a selection of Susan’s mugs and bowls.


Annual Christmas Open House!

Saturday & Sunday, December 2&3, and December 9 & 10
Noon to 5:00 each day
Pottery by Susan McDonald and students!, plus special guest artisans — jewellry, paintings, prints, cards, etc.
Finger foods, mulled wine, and a free gift for the first 50 guests …
Here at the studio — 25 Hanna Lane, Frankford, On.   Call 613-398-1584 or 905-753-2731 for directions!