The Pot Shop

All of the pieces in the ‘pot shop’ are available on line and in my studio.  When a piece is sold the picture will come down.

Shipping is $20.00 within Canada.

To order, just send an email to: with your order. You will be sent an invoice by Square, and once payment is received the order will go out.

You can always make arrangements to come to the studio to shop as well. There’s a much larger selection right here in the studio!

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Blue and red clay tea set


Four cup teapot with cream and sugar

Snow and Ice Platter


12 Inch platter

Blue and reticulating glaze teapot


6 cup teapot made with black clay, holds heat perfectly for a great cup of tea!

Dip dishes


Set of 4, 2 snow on ice and 2 ice on snow.

Three footed blue and reticulating teapot


6 cup teapot, black clay

Reticulating glaze teabowls

$100/set of 4

Irregular lip teabowls, easy to drink from, black clay.

Blue and shino tea set

$250.00/3 pc

4 cup teapot, woodfired

Blue with cane handle tea set

$250/3 pc

Woodfired 4 cup

Pink and grey teaset

$250/3 pc

Woodfired, 4 cup

Small Shino Teapot


Woodfired, 2 to 3 cup

Ancient series teapot


Woodfired, 5 to 6 cup, shino and applique



Wood fired, shino

Snow and Ice ‘strong arm’ bowl


10 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches deep

Slipped green teabowls

$100/set of 4

Snow on ice basket bowl


10 in wide x 4.5 in deep

Wind coffee mugs

$100/set of 4

Each one is slightly different

Snow on ice small bowls

$45/set of 2

5 in wide x 3 in high

Large honey jar with fancy dipper


6 inch high, professionally turned dipper