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We have Moved!

Wow … did I ever make great assumptions about how fast we’d get things together!  It’s the end of August, and the kiln’s not connected yet!  So, expect the showroom to be open in the SPRING.  I may be ready to do some workshops sooner, so just keep an eye on the “Classes” page.  

I know, it seems like it was only a short time ago that we moved to Frankford, Ontario  (and it was only three years ago!), but ALL four of our children have landed here on the Bruce and we thought we should join them.  The trip across Toronto to get here was becoming very onerous (and somewhat hazardous …) so we thought we could do one more great move.  What a job it was!  My studio, my husband’s garage, not to mention the actual house and all of the art supplies.  It’s a wonder we are still speaking to each other, but here we are, and it is fabulous!

View of the Sauble River from our dining room.

The new Studio Showroom was delivered and will be up and running in September, and there will be a GRAND OPENING celebration.  There is a lot of work to do now that the building is here — walls to finish and shelves to put up.  I will be featuring my work and the work of some of my friends, so we should have everything from butter dishes to giant platters and teapots.  I’m starting with the exterior decorating this week.

My husband and son on the deck of the new showroom!

I will be teaching in the Fall as well … hand-building classes where we will make things like Fairy Houses, cheese platters, and mugs (lots of mugs!), so keep your eyes on the website and I will be posting dates soon.  In the meantime the studio is starting to get up and running.  Pretty soon the kiln room will be done as well so new work can be fired.  What an adventure!

Getting messy!

Already in use!


About My Pottery

I came to my work in clay through meditation.  My meditation teacher at the time suggested I make 100 vases, and even though he didn’t specifically say I make them out of clay, I searched out a pottery teacher — and then I was hooked from the first lesson!  The 100 vases turned into 100 mugs, and then the exercise went onto 100 bowls, 100 plates, 100 teapots, and so on.  I think I’ve probably made about 5000 teapots by now, and I’m still not tired of working in clay!

It wasn’t too long (maybe three years from the first lesson) before I threw caution to the wind and created my first studio/showroom in Port Hope.  I was there for about fifteen years (how time flies!) and the studio produced a lot of great students, friends, and POTS!  I had the opportunity to take a teapot to China to go into a permanent collection there about ten years ago, have had pots shown in the UK, and here in Canada at some fine galleries.  Now I’m putting my energy into creating a space here that will bring people to my space.  Eventually I’ll have a sculpture garden by the river (because the view is just too fantastic not to share!), the showroom, maybe a herb garden (I’m a master herbalist on the side), and room to show some of my art as well.  Who knows?

All of my work is ‘one of a kind’ in its true sense, and reflects all of the phases I’ve been through — in clay, on paper, and in life.

A history of my work and some of my favourite pieces can be seen in the Gallery on this site.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Susan McDonald


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Calendar of Events

We have MOVED!

Our new address is:

229 Concession 6


Ontario  N0H 2N0

Phone is:  905-753-2731 (my cell)


Come and see me if you are in the area!  I don’t have any pots ready to sell, but I’d be happy to have a visit …


My new showroom should be up and running in the Fall of 2018, and I will be doing workshops (and weekend activities).  Keep an eye on the Coming Events page!