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I came to my work in clay through meditation.  My meditation teacher at the time suggested I make 100 vases, and even though he didn’t specifically say I make them out of clay, I searched out a pottery teacher — and then I was hooked from the first lesson!  The 100 vases turned into 100 mugs, and then the exercise went onto 100 bowls, 100 plates, 100 teapots, and so on.  I think I’ve probably made about 5000 teapots by now, and I’m still not tired of working in clay!

All of my work is ‘one of a kind’ in its true sense, and reflects all of the phases I’ve been through — in clay, on paper, and in life.

A history of my work and some of my favourite pieces can be seen in the Gallery on this site.

The studio and showroom have been here in Tara for a couple of years now … and many students and customers have become regulars!  Exactly what we wanted when we moved here … and now we are just working on staying open in these strange Covid times.  So, workshops have to take place outdoors (with masks and sanitizer).  We’ve all had to accommodate Covid, but the showroom is open and you can ‘family’ shop if you let me know you’re coming together (905-753-2731), or if you just want to browse you can take a chance and drop by after 11:00 (if there’s a car in the drive I’m just working in the studio, so honk!).  

Workshops and special events are still ongoing — depending on COVID and the weather.  Check out the events page for details.

Looking forward to meeting you, or seeing you again!

Susan McDonald

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Calendar of Events

The Showroom is OPEN by appointment, just call Susan at 905-753-2731 (cell).

Showroom front.

We’ll be sanitizing and social distancing to keep everyone safe!

Dinner for two!


If you happen to be at “A Little of This and That” in Southampton, they are carrying a selection of my work  — or if you are in Tara a small display of my work is featured at the “Tara General Store” all year round!


Susan McDonald

Practically Potty Studio (

229 Concession 6


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Phone is:  905-753-2731 (cell)