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A new year is upon us, and for me this time of year would usually be filled with PLANNING and I’d have my wall-type Calendar filled with lesson schedules and workshops.  This year I didn’t even buy one!  

I’ve cleaned the studio, and my throwing area, to get ready for the new year — but I promised myself I wouldn’t even touch clay until at least the 15th (was firing pots right up to the 23rd of December) so I could give myself some time for ideas to percolate (which they are doing!).

Next project is to produce a big batch of slip.  I’ve got lots of stains to use up (colorants), and I absolutely have to make glazes before I can start any new projects.  I was using glaze right down to the last drop before Christmas and have actual empty buckets.  (Missing my Port Hope Elves for that endeavour!)


Decided to take some courses this year (stuck at home, may as well, eh?), so have registered for the first course with OCAD.  Always wanted to do that, and not getting any younger.  Going to buy a new computer that has warp speed so I can keep up (bwa, ha).  Looking at all of the options now and trying to not get overwhelmed.


Anyway, I miss the company in the studio, but won’t be resuming any classes soon … and when things open up I think we’ll be going with weekend workshops for a while until I get sorted (so keep your eyes on the Events page).  I will keep posting my new creations and if you see something you like let me know Quick!  I’m not a production potter so the chances are that what you like is one-of-a-kind (for real) and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  


Wishing everyone the best in the New Year … and looking forward to seeing you all in person!


Susan McD