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I lost one of my best friends yesterday … a constant companion for fifteen years … and a great studio dog as well.  When we were at our old place he would sit in the window and watch me work in my studio.  Since our move to Frankford he’s spent time in the studio on a special bed (I didn’t think his old bones should have to lie on concrete).  He never complained about my hours or made comments about my work.  He was just there for the occasional pat or conversation.

It’s a strange thing about companion animals.  You get so used to the routine of special morning treats, walks, meals, and in

Sam’s case, the occasional cuddle (he was very circumspect about cuddles,making them very valuable when they occurred).  And, what a

Just waking up!

                Just waking up!

dog!  When he was little he was a great escape artist.  I was always chasing him around the neighbourhood, terrified that he’d get hit by a car or a truck!  He went on many adventures with me … to the Dharma Centre, sailing, visiting relatives … and he was always game for a car ride anywhere.  He was in great shape until this last year until finally he couldn’t stand or walk anymore and he was so distressed …

Anyway, it is a sad day.  I still have the zoo monster Zoey (wildly aggressive little Shi Tzu), and I’ll probably look for another dog in a couple of months.  Made some teapots the day before Sam died and put them together today.  Weird to have no dog laying by the fire.  Princess Zoey prefers a soft couch with lots of blankets.

Miss you Sam …

Love always.