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So here’s how it goes … I sold all of my good wheels.  I had a reason for that … both of my shoulders are buggered and working on the wheel aggravated the shoulders and the neck (poor me, eh?).  A sensible person might have said to herself, just do small things on the wheels, but every time I passed by my Shimpoo Whisper the clay called my name and I sat down to do a platter or something rediculous like half a dozen teapots, so I thought the solution to my dilemma was to just get the wheels out of harms way.  And that’s what I did — BUT I kept a crappy little Chinese wheel that can only manage at the most 5 pounds, and is happier with one pound, so that I could do small cups — maybe whiskey cups, wine cups, or in a pinch water glasses. 

It was a fine plan!  We got the wheel up high so I don’t have to even bend, can keep my shoulders straight and my arms unextended … and I used it maybe once in the new setting, and it crapped out.  Yep, imagine that.  A $200 dollar (including shipping) wheel from China (bought on Amazon I believe) doesn’t make the grade.  Now, I have been spoiled in the past with Brent’s, Shimpo’s, and even Clay Boss’ — and they all worked like truckers … so having a wheel that kicks out after about 10 hours of use is a bit of a shock!  I mean, what can go wrong with a basic wheel, eh?  I’ve had motorized kick wheels, at least 40 or more years old, that were still motoring on …

Lucky for me, I have a secret weapon.  Yep.  I have an electrician in the house.  So he took the bits and pieces apart and it seems some wires should be soddered not crimped.  Go figure.  Guess they don’t have time for that when the wheel is selling for $200 (including shipping).  

So now it’s whirling away (not as silent as a $1900 shimpo) and I will be able to make small cups, etc., again.  This wouldn’t be an issue at all except I have a quantity of REALLY soft clay not suitable for slabs and hand-building.

Once again, it’s Mr. Mac to the rescue — handsome and handy!  There’s my recommendation, ladies, make sure he’s not just handsome!

Miss you all sooooo much!  Having dreams about meeting my peeps for coffee and laughs (for real), 

Much love,