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All Fired Up

What’s the plan …

And so it goes ... this year I've gone from doing nothing (thank you Covid) to booking myself sideways!  Yes, back on the show circuit and trying to get myself back into the swing of working daily, and what plans I have ... First, it's the Shoreline Artists...

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Where have I been?

Good question! The last couple of years have been REALLY hard.  First I had to cancel all of my classes (and pay everyone back, argghhh), then I actually got friggin Covid, then had to bring my Mom here to live because her programs were cancelled in Toronto, then...

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Friggin’ changed again!

In this wonderful computer age of ours when you sort of, maybe, get something figured out ... they change it.  "They" in this case, is Wordpress, my nemisis.  Lucky for me I don't have many others, BUT trying to keep the website sorted has turned into a bit...

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A new year is upon us, and for me this time of year would usually be filled with PLANNING and I'd have my wall-type Calendar filled with lesson schedules and workshops.  This year I didn't even buy one!   I've cleaned the studio, and my throwing...

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A wee bit frantic …

So here's how it goes ... I sold all of my good wheels.  I had a reason for that ... both of my shoulders are buggered and working on the wheel aggravated the shoulders and the neck (poor me, eh?).  A sensible person might have said to herself, just do small...

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There is this story …

And, the story goes like this.  A man goes to the wise man of his village and says he can't take it, his house is toooooo small.  So the wise man tells him to bring his dog into the house with him, then his goat, then his cow, and so on and so on ... then,...

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That was quick!

Wow!  I could have sold those wheels a dozen times over ... who knew?  They're all going to good homes, and will be vacating the premises by Thursday.  Then I'm going to actually wash the floors, clear out the clutter, and get ready for the next...

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Gotta try it!

Seems to be that's my motto ... an opportunity comes along for exploration and I've got to try it.  Doesn't matter whether I have any experience in that medium.  It's just let's go! And, it's happened again.  One of the members of the Shoreline Artists...

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A very tiny version of Hell …

Yup, that's what computers are ... at least that's my story for the past few weeks.   First, I got some kind of virus -- which lasted longer than the common cold, and the computer went in for a giant clean up, browsers cleared, favorites deleted -- along with my...

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Nov 01, 12:00 p.m. – Dec 23, 4:00 p.m.

Southampton Art Gallery, 201 High St, Southampton, ON N0H 2L0, Canada

About the event

Southampton Arts proudly presents local POTTERS, THROWERS & CERAMISTS:

  • Murray Fox
  • Shawna Cooper
  • Stephen Corner
  • Susan McDonald
  • Anke Dirks-Wehrmann
  • Susan Nichol


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Practically Potty Studio

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Ontario  N0H 2N0

Phone is:  905-753-2731 (cell)

email:  susan@potterystudio.ca