All Fired Up

Today’s the day …

Broke down and cleared the Christmas clutter today.  Usually I get right to it on New Year's Day but for some reason I couldn't make myself do it.   I went crazy this year and actually put up 4 (yes, really, 4) trees of various sizes around the...

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The newbies are stepping up!

What a week!  It's the second week of my six week class ... and these newbies have been prolific!  You should see the work I have on the shelves -- just waiting to dry out and get into the kiln.  We've been working on bowls -- first pinch pots and then...

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It begins today!

Boy, that didn't take long!  The first class starts today ... have some things to clear away in the studio before they get here (have some big bowls to do, finishing up a block of a new colored clay!), have to find some good music for everyone to work to, and...

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What a shock!

True.  I am shocked.  One ad on Facebook for upcoming classes, and the evening classes filled in ONE DAY, and the daytime class is filled now.  It's the most amazing thing!  So I had to clean up the studio ... and I'm making glazes tomorrow. ...

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Just about ready to start classes!

What a ride this had been!  First, we get here for one of the hottest summers on record (everywhere, not just here of course) which slows down our projects, then Mr. Mac has an accident and attempts to put his eye out (luckily he missed, just broke his cheekbone)...

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It’s all about the timing …

And boy, did I get mine wrong!   I thought we'd wiz through all of the things that needed to be done when we got here to our new location, that we'd have the showroom dropped off, the studio set up, the kiln room wired and insulated, and so on ... at least by the...

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Built in Redundancy

Got my computer back.  No big deal.  Took a couple of days ... it slowly ground to a halt and I thought it was probably some nasty virus.  Nope.  Turns out the battery was dying/dead.  When I said I hardly use it unplugged the kindly repair...

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Here we are!

Yes, we made it.  Still haven't found some of the things that were packed ... but we are here.  Wondered for a while whether we'd make it, but thank God for good movers, fast friends and my relations!  It took all of that to get us here ...   ...

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It’s here already!

I know, who would believe it?  The Studio Moving Sale is on tomorrow (Saturday, May 19th, noon - 4:00 pm) ... what a rush it has been to get everything ready!  We're down to the wire here.  The move is in 2 and a half weeks.  We are up to our asses...

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