All Fired Up

The last firing of 2017

It's done.  Just turned on the last kiln load for 2017.  I'd be sentimental about it, but I'm glad to see the backside of 2017.  If you've been reading my posts all along, you have an inkling about what I'm on about ... but if you haven't -- it's been a...

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‘Tis the Season   Yes.  It's the season to be jolly, and perhaps, a mite exhausted!  I went to bed last night at 7:30.  Skipped the Friday night hockey game (not such a hardship when it's bloody cold out), had a night...

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A funny thing happened …

Those of you who are as old as me will be finishing that opening with 'on the way to the forum' ... but in my case it's actually 'at the craft show'!   The number of people who came out to see me at the "Make it Indie"...

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It’s better in Ireland …

Honest, that's what I heard for most of the time I was in Ireland -- the Irish telling me how much better certain things are there than here.  So here's my list of what I found to actually be better in Ireland.  I'll probably think of a few more things as...

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The kiln gods were smiling …

This is going to be a short one.  I have SO MUCH to do before Friday when things need to be packed up and taken to Anja Hertle's for the Northumberland Studio Tour!!!  But, I promised you some pictures yesterday, and here they are ... And of course the...

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How long does it take?

I'm in the Northumberland Studio Tour next weekend, and the question that I will hear most often is "how long does it take you to make" whatever it is a person is interested in ...  So here goes! First, you make the piece (or pieces if you're making a teapot or...

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Creating a canvas

I spent today trimming and slipping bowls --    And now their all outside, waiting to get into the kiln.  Some are actually sunbathing because it's too damp in the basement right now to get them really dry!  I'm going to need some time to paint all...

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Just say Uncle …

It's never made any sense to me to call out "Uncle" when admitting defeat.  At least not in my family ... I had two uncles when I was growing up, and both were just a few years older than me.  One was Uncle Roy, and the other was Uncle Keith.  I was...

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Commiting hari kari …

Arrgghhh!  Made three big beautiful platters -- and I mean BIG!  They were all trimmed, almost dried, and I applied slip to the middle (was going to paint trees around the rim).  The two largest cracked.  I thought the first one cracked because of...

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