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That’s what I tell myself, as I’m trying to clean up new work for the next show …P1020549

When I moved to Frankford the idea was to slow down a bit, get the creative juices flowing, have the time to experiment some more (like I don’t do that enough), and lay out front in our glass enclosure and absorb some rays.  Fat chance.  There is some particular quirk to my personality that manages to fill in, or cram in, as much into a day as I possibly can.  I can’t even blame anyone else.  There’s no employer wielding a bat or starving children to feed … it’s just me.  And I’ve done a good job.  In November I’m committed to the Make it Indie Show and the Northumberland Potters Show in Cobourg, Craft Fusion out here in Batawa (got talked into it …), and in December I’m doing an Open House here at the studio (on the 12th & 13th, if you’d like to make the drive).  In the midst of all that there’s a bridal shower for my daughter-in-law to be, and stuff to get into galleries!

Just finished a wood firing with Monica of Frantic Farms fame last weekend as well.  That was a blast.

That’s the problem.  I just have too much fun!  I hate setting up for shows (and tearing down), but I love getting together with the other artisans at the shows and seeing what everyone’s up to.  I hate committing to teaching (at the Visual Arts Centre in Clarington right now) but I love the interaction with the students and goofing around with them.  I hate the clean up of the studio after a production frenzy but I love making new work and trying new things.  You’d think I was psychotic or something … nope, it’s just the time of year.  Come January I’ll wonder what all of the fuss was all about, and it will seem like it was all in a day’s work.

Hope you’re having a great day!