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The berry bowl escapade is finished … they went from over-fired cone 6 to somewhat cute, but what a rigamarole!  First I painted the darn things with just one coat of underglaze and warmed them in the oven.  (You heard all about that!)

Now they’ve been glazed and are on the shelf.  A couple weren’t very impressive, so I passed them along to some friends (who will hopefully break them over time).  The ones that have passed muster will be available here in the showroom and at Grill’s Orchard, when I get them delivered.

If I were to continue with this ‘look’, they’d be my bubblegum series — but I hope that was my last adventure in overfiring!  


The whole process, though, has taught me a few things.  First, throwing of hands up in despair doesn’t actually help. Second, if you are willing to do the work some things can actually be repaired.  Third, even if you think you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t hurt to re-check the settings!    Not bad lessons from a bit of overfiring.  I’m doing another bisque firing this weekend, and you can be darned sure I’ll check and re-check!


Anyway, onward and upward … lucky for me none of my really big pieces fit into the last firing (which upset me at the time, ha!) so they’re waiting for glaze, and I have a whole new series stuck in my head.  Had a discussion yesterday with some students about finding a personal ‘look’ for pots.  Can’t seem to do that myself.  Seems every time I think I’m onto something my happy little brain thinks of something else.  At this stage of the game though, I don’t think it will matter that much!  Wouldn’t want to bore myself …


But, speaking of potters who do have a ‘look’ or significant style, have a look at #Keith Campbell.  He’s one of our award winning national treasures and he’s managed to do that while residing in the hinterlands of northern Ontario.  It’s a bit late for me, but if I was just starting I’d want to be just like him when I grew up!  His work actually has something to say, a little bit like Roberto Lugo, but he says it in Canadian (which might be just a little bit kinder and gentler … depends).  Follow him on Facebook.   He has a fabulous sense of humour!

Another potter I admire is #Cori Sandler.  Just think, another Canadian!  Her work came to my attention because she’s sooooo generous with her process and posts lots of short videos of her work in progress (I am going to get to that myself, if I ever get myself organized!).  If you friend her on Facebook, you’ll find lots of interesting things and ideas pop up (if you’re a potter) and if you’re not, you’ll still get to look at some fabulous work.  For a long time I didn’t realize she was Canadian … but they must breed a darn fine brood of potters out there in BC.  Going to add it to my bucket list!

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Teaching today, and throwing mugs … bought myself a new vacuum for the studio too, so maybe I’ll even clean (maybe, maybe not).  Just going to keep in mind that a minor (or major) screw-up is not the end … might even be the beginning of something new!

Looks like a fine day today so first thing is taking the dogs out for a bit of sun.  


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD