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It’s been a wild couple of months … started the big move last June, dismantled the studio, packed everything up, and said good-bye to our home in Port Hope mid-July.  And many of my good friends, loyal customers, and students asked “WHY?”.  Well, here’s a picture of my view of the Trent River just outside of our door …  photo_3[1]

Now the studio itself is a work in progress.


and will be larger than it looks.  In fact, I will have a bit more space than I had before … because the kiln & all of the glaze supplies are now outside the door!


Won’t say that the move has been a breeze, but I have had soooooo much help from friends and family.

Can’t wait to get back into production!  So, how much fun is moving — yuck!  How great is it to be on water with that fabulous view every day when I get up?  PRICELESS!

Hope you are all well and happy, and enjoying this fabulous summer.