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They’ve flown the coop, headed for sin city, a place in the sun, etc.  That is to say … my cups made it into the Clay Arts Vegas cup show.  

Midnight sky teabowl

Snow and Ice Mug

Ancient series, Mug #1







What is it?  It’s a national juried art exhibition, May 1 – May 31, 2014 in the Victor F. Keen Gallery, at Clay Arts Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.   The “CUP SHOW” features functional and sculptural cups, tea bowls and mugs — it says national as in US, but this show specifically called out to Canadians as well.  I’m thinking that if things could return to some kind of normal in the US by May, I might even go to the Opening.  I’ve never been to Vegas.  I’m not much of a gambler, never have been.  I can’t even bring myself to buy Lotto tickets — but I’d like to see Vegas, just to see the architecture, shows, the food (I hear the food in some of the Casinos is fab), and all of the places that have popped up in movies!  But I’m not booking my ticket today.  I’ll be on pause with most everyone else who could make a pleasure trip to the US and won’t until their politics are sorted.  And, I’m sad about this.  


Some of us treasure travel (my hubby doesn’t, he likes his own bed …).  I do.  There are so many wonderful places to see and go, and the experience of meeting people where they reside changes you.  If I had the means I’d go everywhere with a climate I can handle (I’m not very good at high temperatures).  I’d eat the food and taste the drink, visit tourist traps, go places tourists don’t usually go (I like both!  I even like Niagara Falls!).  For a while there it seemed like the world was getting more and more accessible to people like me who like to wander.  Heck, when I was a kid we used to go and hang out at the Pearson Airport just to watch the planes take off!  Then there was Brussels, Paris, Florida, etc, etc., and airports don’t seem such friendly places anymore.  


It’s a real shame.  


I’m still planning a trip to the UK to see some pots though.  Maybe even take the tunnel to France just to see what it’s like.  In fact, maybe I’ll say screw it and go to Vegas anyway.  Anybody want to come?


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD