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That would be me … especially at this time of the year!  


Don’t know why we use a knat in this allegory though.  I looked up ‘knat’ and the lowly mosquitoe is considered a knat and from what I can remember (it has been a whole three months since they’ve been plaguing us) — they are very focussed.  Doubly true when you are trying to get to sleep.  


But, back to the subject at hand.  That would be my short attention span!  A couple of days ago I was putting together the package for the entry into the cup show, and while I was at that I had to go through some old pictures of work I’ve done before … in the midst of that were some shots of pots that made me wonder how come I stopped make them in the first place.  That’s where that short attention span comes in.  It seems I always have to try something new … not something that’s just a minor change from what I’ve been doing before, but a total change in clay, glazes, techniques, etc.  That’s why when you come to see my work it looks like a psycho potter got loose in my showroom!


VERY long ago …

Blast from the past.

The pot that stayed in China.







First wood fire.

Recent …

Melodie’s favourite.



And, that’s just teapots, there are about 500 other pictures!  If I show you platters and bowls … my head will spin … 


So, what’s my New Year’s resolution?  I’m going to do more … maybe even throw in some crazy to go with the psycho.  Why not?  And, maybe some non-functional.  Who knows?


Hope you’re having a great day!


Susan McD