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Got my computer back.  No big deal.  Took a couple of days … it slowly ground to a halt and I thought it was probably some nasty virus.  Nope.  Turns out the battery was dying/dead.  When I said I hardly use it unplugged the kindly repair person said it didn’t matter.  They have a life expectancy of about five years.  This one lasted well beyond that I think.  In fact, we were trying to figure out how old the computer is … and the conversation went, “well, Melodie was still alive then, and Gwen wasn’t even sick, was it before or after my Dad died?”.  So, that’s how we tell time now.  By who and when people have passed on.  Good Grief!  I sound like my Grandmother (and even though she lived to be 96, I can’t remember what year she actually died either).  This built in redundancy thing applies to humans too, I suppose, and just like that battery, life goes on for the people or parts left behind.  That circle of life thing, eh?

Well, now that it’s back, I’ll catch you up on what’s been happening …

First, the back stairs which go down to my studio probably haven’t had any attention in 40 years.  They are rotten and springy.  The kiln would be to heavy to get down them in that state, so the stairs have to be replaced (more redundancy).  Gary and Monty are working on getting the new ones in:

Planning stages!

Second, the patio slabs were delivered to go at the front of the new showroom.  Just waiting for Mont and Gary to finish the stairs, and then there will be some heave-hoeing to get those slabs in place.  We need a walk-way through the dirt (which will eventually be grass) to the new steps up to the showroom (just a one stepper, shouldn’t take too much planning!).

The slabs are here … just not in place!

Third, the showroom/cabin has been partially insulated, lots more to go, and then there’s the wall (not Trump’s wall) that will divide my area from Gary’s workshop.  The lumber for it has been delivered, so it’s on the list!

View from inside!

What’s happening inside …

So that’s it for the building projects on the go … waiting on the kiln room in the basement, but can’t have that until those stairs are done.  In the meantime, I’ve got cups under plastic waiting for handles.

Snuggled cups.

Work is starting to pile up:

The pile is starting!

And I’ve starting joining some of the local arts groups … signed up for shows in September and November here through the Shoreline Artists — so I guess we better start firing soon!  


Hasn’t left me much time for the beach, or the plan for taking the summer off.  If it’s not raining tomorrow though — I’m going swimming!


Hope you’re having a great day, and that you’re enjoying this fantastic summer …

Much love,

Susan McD