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Unless what you want is pottery lessons, of course!  


And, if what you NEED is an escape.  An escape where your mind cannot possibly think of anything else … then pottery is it for sure!  How do I know?  Because almost everyone who was in classes in the last session has signed up for April!  How cool is that?


There’s a reason for that.  Working in clay is not like any other medium.  If you are working on the wheel it takes all of your concentration, and a whole lot of body memory.  Kind of like Yoga with permanent footprints (or hand prints, depending on your move).  I can tell when a student actually ‘gets it’, because it’s suddenly quiet.  There’s been times in the studio when all four wheels were in motion and you could hear a mouse (especially in my house …).  I have to remind people to breathe!

In the next session some of my people from the Port Hope studio are making the trek out for classes.  Can you imagine how great that is for me?  I’m sure we’ll go through lots of coffee (it’s a morning class), we’ll catch up on everything we’ve missed in each other’s lives over the winter, and we’ll make FABULOUS pots.  These ladies already have the basics so there should be some interesting pots coming out of the kiln … it always gets my creative juices going too!


Talking about fabulous — got this bowl out of the last firing.  It’s BIG!  Wedding season is coming up … imagine this with some great wooden salad tongs and a heaping Greek salad.  Yum!


Hope you’re having a great day, and like the Rolling Stones said, remember — sometimes “you can get what you need”!  (see the schedule for Spring!)

Susan McD