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That’s what we’re told.  Actually, it’s love and pottery.  I’ve got eight monster faerie houses drying and because there’s so many darn attachments on them, they can’t be hurried.  They are taking up all of my usable space in the studio.  They need to move along into the kiln so that I can underglaze and glaze them.  In fact they are tying up some productive time!





And, why aren’t they drying, even when I have them upside-down?  Could it be … because the basement had a slight flood … because of the mounds of rain or the air-conditioner spouting into the studio?  Could it be?

You can’t really see the water from the pic, but the furnace and my air purifier were surrounded.  Good thing the de-humidifier still works!  


In the meantime, I’m clearing out my showroom.  Going to dust it all and pack it up … get ready for a BIG SALE in July when I get back from my daughter’s wedding.  We’re going to re-arrange the basement AGAIN and put in a family room where the showroom is now, and put the showroom where the TV room is now.  Sound confusing?  


As usual, there’s a story to this.  I was sitting in the TV room (which is attached to the studio, really), in a small cramped space with poor lighting and I thought to myself — “self, the most beautiful room in the basement is the showroom, and it sits idle for most of the year … why not turn it into the family room, paint this dreary room white, and make it the showroom?”  And, this is what happens when I have these conversations with myself.  Walls come down and furniture moves.  Of course this will take a minor/major investment of time and money —  but, the family room will be big and bright!  I may even invest in one of those sheds that looks like a tiny home at some point and move the showroom right out of the house (but don’t tell my husband, he’s exhausted already just thinking about the stuff I can think about …).


Hence, the big sale in July!  I need to move some pots.  IT’S A POTTERS DILEMA!  I know July is a crappy month for a sale (as a lot of you will be away on Holiday), but I’ll make it worth your while to drive to Frankford.  I promise.  And I’ll post pictures, so if you see something you like you can just tell me to hold it for you.  


Keep an eye on FB.  Maybe you’ll find a reason to make the trip to Frankford!


Much love,

Susan McD