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I spent today trimming and slipping bowls — 

         Trimmings from the bowls.


Slipped bowls in the damp cupboard.

And now their all outside, waiting to get into the kiln.  Some are actually sunbathing because it’s too damp in the basement right now to get them really dry!  I’m going to need some time to paint all of these with tiny trees, so the sooner they’re into the kiln the better.  Need to have something to take to the Northumberland Studio Tour in September … 

Did up a bunch of these too —

                        Soap dishes.

And will try out some of my new glazes on them.  Will do pics soon.  

Anyway, beautiful day out there today.  Yesterday was fab too, so I made glazes.  Will post pics tomorrow.  Today I’m clearing out the studio — getting rid of the old, bringing in the new.  Must be the sunshine!

Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD