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Whew!  What a week!  We got back Saturday night, after a week away — at Sauble Beach.  I know, that sounds delightful, eh?  And, it was in so many ways … but, we were BUSY!  We were there for the week up to our daughter’s wedding, so the time was filled with kids, grandkids, meals, and fun.  (I did finish two books — late nights and slow mornings!)  

Our daughter, Tamara, is on the right … the one with the flowers in her hair (flash back to the 60’s, eh?).

And, there was quite a crowd.  Grandsons had to waltz through the middle of it …

The other daughter (Jodi) had to dance her way down the aisle as well (she’s on the left …).

Then there’s our handsome son, just taking it all in …

And a few more grandson’s (no grand-daughters for some reason …), just hanging out … hovering in the back.

Everybody went straight from the ceremony to a crazy/wild reception (think highschool grad dance), then we were all up and at’em heading for home first thing in the morning!

So, whew is right!

What’s it got to do with pots?  Absolutely nothing!  Except for the fact that I started to think about all of the work I’d need to get started on as soon as I got home.  At least I didn’t start to think about it until I was heading home in the car.  Now we’re back and the yard is wild (must have rained as much here as it did away), the weeds have grown ten inches, and my brain has to find it’s way back to basics.  I just filled up the little kiln with what was left over to be bisqued (stacked it like crazy) and I’m going to start organizing a massive glaze making day.  So much to do.  And, so lucky to be doing it!

By the way, all of the faerie houses are spoken for.  My daughter loved hers, and the rusty faeries I found.  HER garden looks lovely.  Mine needs some real faeries with muscles and the will to bring order into the universe (at least my universe).

Hope you’re having a great day/evening … I’m just heading upstairs to put my feet up.  Speaking of stuff to make for the shows coming up, if you have any brilliant ideas about what would appeal to the masses let me know …

May you be well and happy!

Susan McD