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Sure, and if you’re not familiar with my dog … you’re saying “somebody buy a pot!  Let this woman buy

Dog food, a la ketchup!

Dog food, a la ketchup!

groceries!”.  If you’ve met my dog(s) though (unfortunately down to one right now), you’d know that they lead a charmed life.  So, when I cooked up Zoey’s breakfast of organic chicken, rice and peas I took a scoop, added a little ketchup, and ‘Bob’s your uncle’.  She gave me the look … you know that look?  The one that says, “what in heck are you doing eating MY food?”.  She’s not great at sharing.

That look ...

That look …

But never mind the dog food, what about the bowl?  Picture doesn’t show it that well because you can’t really see how well the glaze has melted giving what I call my “snow and ice” series.  I just happen to like it so much that I made myself a set of pasta bowls with it … which makes breakfast look small, but that’s a healthy scoop.  As some point I may make myself a whole set of everything with it, just not sure now that my new kitchen is in and it’s no longer blue and white.  One choice always affects another, eh?  They are pretty though …

Anyway, two classes today.  One’s about to start in fifteen minutes, so I have to finish my tea and get organized (yes, it’s Red Rose).  It’s been a great day so far.  Learning more social media stuff … so you guys may be in trouble!

Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD