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But, geez, felt crappy all weekend!  All of my great plans went down the drain (now there’s a pun) … and my ambition has also exited the building.  

Did get the kiln locked and loaded so that everything will be out for the girls on Tuesday … 

And, what a wild bunch!  Had all four of them glazing at the same time … took me a couple of days to recover.  So much enthusiasm!  

My next session starts next week (except for Wednesday — that starts the week after), and I have one space left on Tuesday night if you’re interested.  The ladies tell me it has to be someone fun with no experience.  If you qualify, give me a call!

I’ve had to put my own work on hold a little, but I was inspired by Eleanor Hendrix to do a few berry bowls. (Double this)

Then there’s the pile up of monster bowls (as in monstrous sized, no actual monsters on them!) in the damp cupboard — because there’s no where else to put them where they’ll be safe!

I’m going to take my weary gut back to bed … but I thought I should post a little something, just in case you missed me.  And, you don’t need to call the doctor.  I’m sure as soon as I get a chance to spread this little bug around Quinte, I’ll be fine!


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD