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New House.  New Studio.  First Christmas.

Just like everyone else, it’s a bit of a rush to get things together.  The freezer and the cheese tray in the fridge are filling up.  The presents are almost done and most things are delivered to where they should be.  But in the midst of all of this Joyous Noel stuff, I have a need to get up to my wheel and make some new stuff!  I have visions of teapot spouts dancing in my head instead of sugar plums.  Maybe it’s a rare disease?  Clay obsession?  Porcelain particlaneous?  Geez!

Heading to the wheel now.  Going to turn the music up loud and light the woodstove.  It’s left-overs for dinner (or Chinese) and everything else can go to hell in a handbasket until I get my fix.  I’m going to forget the business of the clay studio, and get busy with clay.

Talk to you all later (will post pictures!).