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Know why?  There’s a mouse.  I know, can barely believe it myself.  Now we have to set more traps, up in the attic.  I’ve never heard it, but Mr. Mac (my husband) has been up in the attic to wire in the new bathroom shower light — and there it was!  With the usual mouse clues …  I don’t like baiting and killing mice.  I think the little buggers are cute and their little paws are almost human-like.  But, I don’t want to live with them.  


And speaking of flowers.  Two very special potters passed on this week.  John Glick (check this out!) and Robbin Hopper (see website).  I’ve never met John Glick, but I’ve admired his work, and his work ethic, from afar.  I did meet Robbin Hopper at his last NCECA presentation.  He was the main speaker, but he was also doing demos — and that’s where I met him.  It wasn’t a stellar meeting.  He’d already probably met a thousand potters, but I told him how much I admired his work and that I was a collector of his books, etc.  I got to know him a little bit better though, through Facebook, of all things.  He shared his humour and wisdom almost right up to the end — whether it was in clay or in gardenning.  He was such an inspiration — he recently even received the Order of Canada.  A power house.


Funny thing is, that unless you are a potter or an artist of some sort, you probably wouldn’t even know of these two treasures, or of the many others who are still alive and well.  I could ream off my favorites, but then you’d be following me down one of Alice in Wonderland’s holes in the ground, and you might never come back.  Tempted to do that myself sometimes, but then I’d get nothing else done!   


Speaking of getting things done, some new students started last night.  They had a grand time (but I may have worn them out a bit).  They made four pieces each on the first night.  We were all impressed.  That’s the thing about the work in clay, someone passes, and another gets the bug!  This time around I have a twelve year old girl in the class.  Maybe she’ll be the next national treasure.

On to more mundane topics.  Here is my new studio assistant.  I had asked for a live one from the local highschools, but this is what I ended up with.  He has a taste for clay and is always helping to empty the scrap bucket …


Hope you’re having a great day, and if you want to bring me flowers they won’t go in the attic!

Susan McD

Don’t listen to this video unless you want a good cry, but for all of those potters and people who have moved on …