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Don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget who I am.  I don’t mean in the Altzeimer’s sort of way — in a path sort of way.  I should know the signs by now:  that feeling of struggle, of moving through molasses, of getting caught in a moray of other people’s stories.  It’s an emotional dragnet.  And, it’s exhausting.  Before I know it I’m reacting to stuff like it’s actually mine to react to, and my own minor aches and pains get thrown all out of proportion.  


Then along comes someone who knew you … who sees you and remembers … and if you are lucky the spell is broken.   In my case it feels like my one of my core teachers has reached out from the grave itself.  So thank you to Ailo and my soul friend who remembered. 


Can’t wait to see what happens next …


Wish you the best of days, and a friend who has seen who you are.


Susan McD

(Just in case you think I’ve lost my sense of humour …)