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In this wonderful computer age of ours when you sort of, maybe, get something figured out … they change it.  “They” in this case, is WordPress, my nemisis.  Lucky for me I don’t have many others, BUT trying to keep the website sorted has turned into a bit of a nightmare.  I’ve never been very proficient in WP (back in the old days WP was word perfect — THAT I had figured out, before it was changed into Microsoft Word).  I have kind of gotten used to WP a couple of times … now it had a major update in January, and it’s back on that bloody learning curve.

Why the whine?  I want to put up some videos, maybe do a real sales page (probably linked in with Square or Shopify, horror of horrors), and I’m not getting any younger!  A younger brain might be plastic enough to figure all this stuff out in a flash.  Mine wants a coffee or a nap after mucking about for half an hour!  Not a great way to get things done …

In past years I might have picked myself up a marvellous co-op student; one who dreamed about websites and artsy fartsy ways to make them more appealing.  Not likely to happen this year! (Or any year out here, unfortunately.  Had great luck with co-op students in Port Hope, but I’m just too far out in the boonies to be popular here.)  Used to have a grandson I could rope into some of these things (when he was about 11) but he went and grew up!   So I will just have to muddle through.  I do have a few little videos on You Tube (going to post some of the oldies here), but I’m going to have to figure out how to do them properly and maybe even edit the darn things.  This is a never ending learning curve!  You’ll see I could use some professional help!

Going to bring back a few memories for some!  You’ll see I should have checked my hair in the Artist’s Talk after I walked the dogs!  Good times …





Anyway, hope you’re enjoying this stormy weather and that we can all come out from hybernation soon (from both winter and Covid).  


Much love,

Susan McD