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Those of you who are as old as me will be finishing that opening with ‘on the way to the forum’ … but in my case it’s actually ‘at the craft show’!


The number of people who came out to see me at the “Make it Indie” show in Cobourg was outstanding, and one of the funny things about that is how many of you said you actually read my blogs.  I was astounded!  Of course now I feel somewhat pressured to create something worthy of you all …


I have been somewhat overwhelmed with busy-ness lately.  I had planned a leisurely stroll through the holiday season — lots of time to make the work I needed for all of the commitments I’d made, etc., — and you know what happens when you make those kinds of plans.  The gods just laugh.  They’ve been having a whale of a time with me lately!   Tomorrow is the end of the travelling show for me though … Kingston Potters Guild’s last day (WHAT A SHOW!).  Then it’s just Open House here at the studio for the next two weekends.  I’m going to load the kiln today to get some more work out.  It’s been just crazy, and I’m going to tell you why …

It’s the art work.  Not mine.  It’s the art work that I’ve bought this season for friends and family.  I know you’re probably going to think I’m mad as a hatter (which is totally possible, we use the same noxious chemicals) but for every piece of art I buy from someone else I sell at least ten fold.  Sounds bizarre, but I noticed this phenomenon a few years ago.  I have always tried to support local entrepreneurs at this time of year (comes from having been an entrepreneur myself) because I know I’m voting with my dollars to keep them here and in business.  I like to know where stuff comes from and will go out of my way to buy Canadian if given the option, but this art thing, it’s an instant payback.  It’s not the reason I do it (I buy other people’s work because I love it, or them) but it’s a great pay it forward.  I couldn’t do it at all if you all weren’t supporting mine as well.  It’s a great full circle of artsy fartsy love!


Who wouldn’t love that?


I’ve got some new projects coming in January, and maybe some more travel.  Not going to tell you about it too soon.  Don’t want to get you all excited before I solidify things, but, hey. Not getting any younger and may as well get on with things!  You know me, I’m a rolling stone …


Hope you’re having a great day!


Much love,

Susan McD