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From my friends.  It’s true!  


What do you do when you have students and not enough wheels?  You call a friendly potter and ask to borrow one for a couple of months.  Imagine that.  And, the answer is yes …  How lucky am I?  


One of the best things about being a potter is the people you get to meet along the way.  Most of my students have become buddies, and most of my cohort are pretty darn sweet (there’s the occasional cranky one like me, but we won’t talk about them …).  So thank you Susan Lago (Blue Cheese Pottery) for the use of your wheel.  I’ve got a very happy student who is jumping up and down because she can come with her friends.  Her friends are probably pretty happy too!


And, we stayed the night.

Something else about Susan Lago.  She just finished her MBA a short while ago!  She’s in the midst of setting up her business helping us artsy-fartsies organize and spread the word.  If anyone can do it, she can!  When she’s ready to go she’s going to take my fine art under her wing (so that probably means another website.).  She’ll probably figure out how I can watermark things too!  (Bet you didn’t know I started out a painter?  This is done in ink and watercolor …)


Nothing like friends that will step into the breach for you …  


Hope you’re enjoying this glorious clear and crisp winter day!


Susan McD