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Here I am … out of town, stuck in a fog!  The whole area is socked in, so the air and my head are both in fogged in.  What does that do?  Makes me lousy company!  


I don’t get out this way very often (Cambridge that is), and my son tells me the fog has been in place for about two weeks.  I would need to carry my supersonic bright light with me everywhere just to keep the synaps shooting.  Had to actually take a nap.  Brought my computer with me so I could get caught up on stuff while everyone was either at work or school but geez.  Who can be brilliant under these circumstances?


Going out to dinner with the family tonight … hope they have soup.  It would match the atmosphere … looking forward to the bright lights in my basement studio (would be better if I could take the family back with me, actually quite fond of them!).  


Anyway, here’s a pic of a teapot I’m doing with underglazes, just in case you’re in picture withdrawal … Have an idea for some pot possibilities.  This one will be much brighter when it has the clear glaze fired on it.  Have to put some brightness into these dreary days!


Hope you’re having a great day, and that there’s some sunshine where you are!


Susan McD