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Seems to be that’s my motto … an opportunity comes along for exploration and I’ve got to try it.  Doesn’t matter whether I have any experience in that medium.  It’s just let’s go!

The beginning of the adventure!

And, it’s happened again.  One of the members of the Shoreline Artists retired, and the Southampton Art Gallery auctioned off her supplies as a fund raiser for their activities (I presume they were donated ….).  They were brought to one of our regular meetings and put aside in a corner.  I saw what I thought were silkscreens and inks, so I made a bid — because I could have used the silk screens on clay, and heck, I paint with ink and it appeared to include tons of colors.  My bid won.  I went to pick them up and low and behold they were not inks or silkscreens, it was a huge collection of fabric dyes and a bit of silk …

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But a month or two ago I bought a couple of dozen organic cotton scarves, shawls, and bandanas from a company in BC that imports them from India from a woman friendly cooperative.  So, they weren’t cheap, but I thought they would add something to my showroom and planned to dye them with plants/herbs from my garden over time … and looked at buying some supplemental organic dyes to give them some oomph, but boy were those dyes expensive!  

Yes, they are everywhere!

Such synchronicity! 

Pressed and ready to hang …

I had no idea how much work this was all going to be (that’s my forte).  So much washing by hand!  And ironing!   Neither of which are my favorite things … but the results?  Soooo exquisite!  I think I am hooked.  I’m already thinking of pieces to do that could be mounted and hung (which is what those silkscreen like things are for, so I’ve learned).  

I’ll have a fine selection for the Studio Tour this weekend, along with a fine selection of pots (waiting for the first batch to cool as I write, but it’s so hot out I’m not sure how long that will take!).  Come and see me!  There’s so much in the showroom now that there’s got to be something for everyone … from soap, paintings, to pots!  Most made by yours truly.  I suppose I should settle down and just make one thing but how much fun would that be?


I’m doing the happy dance!


Hope you’re having a great day, and enjoying this summer weather …

Susan McD