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Sometimes things just don’t work out.  You can twist yourself into a pretzel, do whatever you think it takes, no matter what … it’s chaos and you’re in a quandry.  This is not one of those stories.  In fact, this one starts with chickens.  Yes, chickens.


Most of you know that we moved here to Frankford about a year and a half ago.  Back in Port Hope I had local sources for everything — eggs, chickens, my husband’s meat — in fact, almost everything from soup to nuts (maybe not nuts, and of course I make my own soup from all of that lovely locally sourced stuff!).  Anyway, here we are in Frankford, starting all over again and I’m out for a drive with my mom on a nice sunny day, and we got lost.  In the midst of being lost, we came across Grill’s Orchard and their back field of chickens.  Hurrah!  Not only that, they had seasonal veg, honey, and all of the things I was driving to Osland Farm Market for — and like Osland’s, they had a small but growing selection of artisan quality crafts.  I ordered some chickens.  In fact, I ordered chickens a few times (a real shame that they taste so good … kills my vegetarian tendencies), but never mentioned anything about pottery, classes, etc.  One day out of the blue I had a call from them, they’d seen my ad, looked at my website, and wondered if I’d like to be their exclusive potter.  How’s that for syncronicity?


So, I spent last weekend doing pottery demonstrations at Grill’s.  There was a wood-worker, real lama’s and their wool producer, and lots of great activities.  After all, they don’t just raise chickens … they have an orchard!  So there were apple pickers galore, kids riding the hay wagon, and generally just a good time was had by all.  Some of my students came out for the festivities.  The place was packed!


Those of you who know me well will know that my favorite part of the day was the apple crisp.  I could do that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And I’m pretty sure it’s vegetarian …


I’m fighting the dog for the chicken!


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD