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I’m so excited!  Yes, I know, it’s probably not good for an old fart like me — but, hey, my classes are just about full for Winter and Spring, I’m in an article in the Fusion Magazine (which will be on book shelves soon), and I got a fabulous new teapot for Christmas from that sweet guy I live with.  How wonderful is that?  


Even better?  Had a nice dinner out last night with neighbours and some lovely friends are driving all the way from Newcastle for dinner tonight … My kids are fine, one is getting married in June, I got to watch good friends celebrating New Years all over the globe on FB last night, and I have a WEEK before classes start to do some of my own work (might even do a painting or two).  


If I sound pathetically happy, not to worry.  It won’t last … just like everyone else I’ll start to fret about something at some point.  But today.  Today the sun is shining.  The ice is melting.  And, I am so extremely grateful for all of you who support my work, read these silly blogs, and share your lives with me.  


So, Happy New Year!  And, remember, every thing is going to be all right … and if it’s not, worry won’t help anyway!

Much love,

Susan McD