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Yes, we made it.  Still haven’t found some of the things that were packed … but we are here.  Wondered for a while whether we’d make it, but thank God for good movers, fast friends and my relations!  It took all of that to get us here … 


And you may be wondering where in heck is here?  We’re in Tara, in the middle of the Lower Bruce, within 20 minutes of the beaches on Lake Huron —


Or, if we don’t want to drive that far, there’s a river running through our back yard —

Sauble River


Which means that the external factors here are fabulous.  It’s what’s going on inside that’s the issue now … I could use about three studio assistants, a good cleaning lady, and perhaps a comedian to point out what’s funny about all of this.  

                    My studio — a right mess!


I think it’s going to be months before I can get into any kind of production.  The movers couldn’t get the kiln into the house, so poor Gary is going to have to dismantle it at some point and get it into the utility room.  About half of the glazing materials are sitting outside under the car port, and they’ll probably stay there until the snow flies (hard to imagine snow today), and I have closets jammed with pottery, art supplies, and essential oils/herbie stuff!  Poor Gary!  


The good news is that we’ve just about ordered the show room/workshop — it’s going to be 14 x 40.  So the front part will be my showroom and I’ll have lots of room for pots, paintings, and anything else my little brain comes up with.  Gary gets the rear end (bwa, ha) and it will be divided with a wall (so he doesn’t get sawdust on my creations!)

                    New showroom!

              Location for new showroom.

How lucky am I?  My studio is going to be red stained wood with a green roof.  Everyone has had to put up with my whining about the lack of color in the house (we painted it kind of a builder’s beige, which will hopefully show off all of the art), but you should be able to see the showroom from Toronto!


For those of you who had to listen to me lament the abundance of flower gardens at the old place in Frankford — you’ll get a good laugh at me now.  The house is surrounded by gardens, which we didn’t see when we bought it in March (as our known world was covered in bushels of snow), some of which have gone wild and will stay that way!  Geez.  It must have been 100 degrees out there today, so I went out and took a few pictures and scurried back down into the basement where it’s cool by comparison. We do have air con, but it just seems to early to be fiddling with it!


Anyway, promised you some pics of the house — so here goes!

Frog pond — filled with frogs and toads that sing all night!

     Front of house — gardens untamed!

So glad I didn’t dig up iris’s at the old place!

Perennial soup … so much stuff to be sorted!

Did I mention hostas? We have every size and color, some big enough to wear!

The windows are steaming, and the trilliums have wilted!

Last but not least …

                         My sanctuary!


There are a few parts of the house that are sort of livable; the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the atrium.  One has to have a place to go to get away from the work and the mess, eh?  I imagine that my good friend Gwen is peering down from heaven and laughing her ass off at me … and, if I ever suggest that I’d like to move again, just give me a good swat.  


Hope you’re having a great day,

Much love,

Susan McD