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Yup, that’s how I feel.  Like crap — not psychically, or emotionally — the kind of crappiness that comes from a full-blown summer cold — or whateve this is.  Eyes hurt, throat hurts, monster headache, etc., etc.  Had some toast and am drinking all of the stuff that I would tell you to drink, so hopefully it’s not going to last.  At least it’s not a man cold, eh?


So am I ever glad I glazed YESTERDAY before this started (because, of course, it started in the middle of the night — must be a special alarm clock for viruses!), so all of that work I had backed up can get out of the way.  My shelves are EMPTY, and I’ve got stuff to do.  Need to do some painting too.  Could use a clone …

And speaking of clones.  I actually got a bite from someone who wants to come and slave for me in September.  I expect my floors will sparkle!   Who knows, maybe she’ll even throw mugs for me!  Wouldn’t that be great?  I’m still looking for someone who wants to come and do some work on Wednesdays.  Like I said, no pay, lousy facilities, you have to put up with my taste in music — BUT, you’ll get some experience you can’t get on your own.  


Going to take my tired little head and give it another cup of tea.  I think I may have a fever, so that’s a good sign.  The body is launching an attack on those nasty viruses and if the past is any indication, I should be good as new in a couple of days and maybe even a couple of pounds lighter.  I guess it’s what I get for dancing around in the studio (literally) in bare feet after staying up half the night for the Tom Petty show in TO.  I continuously forget that I’m an old fart and should maybe start wearing slippers!


It’s a beautiful day out there.  Hope you’re gathering flowers while you may and finding shade.  The sun is too bright for me today, so I’m going to hide in the living room with the blinds drawn and listen to some TED talks — I’ll try and find something cheerful (boy, there are some depressing things on there!), maybe even a comediene or two.  CBC too.  What in heck has happened to it?  Old farts are supposed to eat it up and I can barely stand to listen to it any more!  Used to be my favorite …

Enough said about that!  


Have you checked out the retreats this summer at the Dharma Centre?  It’s like summer camp for adults … lots of great programming, and some of my favorite teachers.  I’m going to teach there in 2018 too … Unfolding through Art … or you could call it smashing through barriers of hope and fear.  Will give you all of the details later.  Going to find some cheap raincoats for that one so we can throw paint at each other …

Much love,