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I do hate email.  You know why?  We treat it like we know what we’re reading.  And, we don’t.


This is my blog (in case you wondered).  Most of you reading my blog know me in some way, either through the studio or something else we have in common.  You’ve read my other blogs.  You know I can be a little off the wall, minorly opinionated (always humble …), and generally well intentioned.  So, when you read me raving and ranting about anything I’m presuming you’re taking it with that background in mind.  You don’t automatically assume malicious intent on my part (I think …), and you know I have a bit of a twisted sense of humour which doesn’t always translate well in print!


That doesn’t happen in an email.  We dash off things with flying fingers … hoping the fingers will catch up with our thoughts, and before you know it there’s a round of emails of escalating verbiage and the original tone of the content is lost.  Sarcasm which might be quite amusing when spoken is blatantly cruel in print and words that in other cases might be quite harmless show condescention or arrogance in either the sender or the receiver … and the worst is that it can go on and on.


I’m so done with it!  I’m not interested in receiving any emails unless they are delivering facts or money! (etransfers are fine!)  All other fillers and drivel are time sucking vampires that leave me exhausted … I’m unsubscribing from EVERYTHING.  If I could I’d set a fact checker to go through the emails first … no facts, just want to ramble or rant?  Call me so we can hear each other’s voice and hear what’s really going on.  Even better, join me for coffee or tea (or plain hot water for you purists) and we can watch each other’s body language along with our words and see where we’re really at …


I’m so glad I have my messy studio and clay.  The clay gives me an immediate response, and from day to day I know that we share a great appreciation for each other (yes, I’m anthromophizing my clay, some of you do it with your phones …).  It’s like petting my dog.  We both get something from the exchange.


They're back tonight!

They’re back tonight!

Tonight I have some lovely people coming to my studio to get down and dirty with me.  So far, they haven’t sent me any emails … so we’re good.


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD

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