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The twelve year old I mentioned yesterday?  She came to class last night — and it appears that she is thirteen!  (I forgot to get a picture…)  She’s a delightful girl.  She wasn’t complaining, just giving me the “I don’t want to be twelve” look.  


Goes to show you what a gap of fifty or so years does.  If you’d like to mistake me for sixty, that would be delightful!  But, I remember when I couldn’t wait to be old enough for certain things — like leaving home, getting out of school, getting a ‘real’ job, etc.  It’s part of that wheel that goes around!


And speaking of wheels.  Mine have been very busy!  I have five classes going right now (almost working a ‘real’ job in spite of myself!).  That means tons of pots for the kiln, and tons of pots to get through the glazing.  Good thing the weather is warming up — we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for some of the glazes.  I’m thinking we’ll make an afternoon of it and I’ll make everyone research their favorite color and the glazes we’d need to get them.  Might be fun.  I’ve got almost every kind of ingredient you can think of out in the barn.  Better use them up before I get too old, eh?


Thought I’d give you a few more of my favorite potters - keep you diving down that rabbit hole!  Two more this time — Karen Franzen (click to get to her website).  If you like a potter that actually has something to say, Karen is it.  We did a mentorship program through Fusion together a few years ago, and I LOVE her and her work (they are intrinsically joined).  If you check out her work I’m sure you will too.  

Karen on the Wheel

Another potter with lots to say is Roberto Lugo.  I discovered Roberto through NCECA — and the guy just blew me away.  Not only is his work fantastic, this young guy is too.  He is inspiring a whole new generation of workers in clay.  

That’s it for tonight.  Class is about to start.  Thought I’d finish off with a little Roberto Lugo rap …

Be well,

Susan McD