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Yes, there are a few tests to love.  Being married to a potter must be one of them.

Yesterday we installed the Strong Arm.  It didn’t come with any printed instructions and I had looked at the video (once) so we put in as best I could remember — which was, of course, backwards.  Then we had to come up and watch the installation video together, take the thing apart, turn the wheel over (again, not light that shimpo), and install it again.  My husband (Saint Gary) did this with a pretty good attitude.  We even stopped for tea mid-way through (to watch the video).  What a guy eh?

Then it was time to load the kiln.  This is a two person job here.  First we load all of the glazed work onto batts and carry it out to the kiln shed.  In summer or fall, that’s not such a big deal.  But, right now?  Right now it’s bloody icy, and because it’s somewhat warmer putting salt down creates a nice puddle … on top of the ice!  Well, we trudged it back and forth and got the kiln loaded anyway.  And, in spite of having an iffy back (not me, him for a change) it fired all night.  Today we’ll have to unload it when it gets cool enough!

Once that was all done I had to try out the arm.   It did make throwing a big piece easier.  And my shoulder didn’t hurt after.  I’m going to trim this one up and see if I get any cracks in the bottom before I go crazy with big pieces, but it looks very hopeful!  Two things I love making … teapots and BIG bowls.  Maybe I’ll become the salad bowl lady and well as the teapot lady!

Now today, today is going to be a start on the year’s paperwork.   This is a job that I hate, and Saint Gary used to do it for me — but I guess he’s really done enough!


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD