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Some of you may remember that phrase, in fact, some of you might even have said it.  I’m sure I did, and now I’m going to do it again.


The big whine today seems to be about Christmas decorations.  Christmas decorations.  Geez, Louise, all of the crap that’s happening around us, and we’re whining about retailers and there shopping decor.  I’ve been a retailer.  It’s a bloody pain in the butt, retail, and there’s a window of opportunity around Christmas that makes a small retailer’s whole year.  The reason for that?  Because we SHOP.  We don’t have to shop.  We could wait until the 23rd of December and do it in one fell swoop.   But, we don’t … we want to stealth shop, pretend we’re not Christmas shopping …


Anyway, if whining is our thing, don’t you think maybe we should be whining about something worth whining about — maybe lack of affordable housing?  Lack of services for PTSD for all of our service providers?  Lack of a living wage?  The need for animal shelters, etc.  Things that could use some of our energy?  Maybe it’s easier to whine about Christmas decorations.  We don’t have to take reponsibility for that and we can just wag our fingers reproachfully.


I’ve always had an Open House in November, sometimes depending on my schedule, it might even be mid-November, and you guessed it, the place is done up for Christmas — the living room, the sun room, both bathrooms (anywhere people might actually walk), this year the showroom and the kitchen as well.  The actual Open House is late this year, not until November 26 & 27, but if you don’t want to see Christmas stuff — maybe you should wait for the Spring Open House!


Yes, we have Remembrance Day.  I’ve bought my poppy and I will think of family and friends lost in wars gone by — but they were good Scots and they wouldn’t turn down a chance for a good time.  I think they may even have fought for that.


Was going to post some pictures of pots, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Don’t often get my dander up, may as well take advantage of it!


Hope you’re having a great day.  I am — the new puppy actually went to the door to go out to do his business for the first time today.  Might have a party to celebrate!


Be well,

Susan McD