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Can't even get the door open ...

Can’t even get the door open …

Just like everyone else today!  This is a shot out the window this morning … and we’ve had at least six more inches since then (maybe 15-16 cms?).  So much for teaching at the Visual Arts Centre today!  There must be a curse on Tuesdays or something.  Seems like if the weather is going to act up, it’s on a Tuesday!


Did I mention that #Tony Clennell is coming to the Visual Arts Centre in Clarington to do a weekend workshop?  The BEST deal I can think of for a weekend of inspiration!  I’m looking forward to it … There are two potters that have really changed the way I do things.  One is Tony (did a weekend workshop with him at Pinecroft a year or two ago …) and the other is #Bill Reddick (did a 8 week lesson thingy with Bill).  They probably wouldn’t claim me as an apostle … but Tony’s workshop gave me the confidence to just be my cranky self and enjoy the process, and Bill gave me great insights into creating more ‘perfect’ pots (have you seen the way he finishes his pots?  Outstanding!).   I’m hoping that Tony will inspire lots of other people while he’s so close at hand and I love the topic he’s chosen for the workshop — “YOUR WORK IS A GIFT”.  I’m sure lots of us wonder about that …


Teapots waiting to be bisqued.

Teapots waiting to be bisqued.

So here I am, throwing and trimming mugs … to make a few things that will match the teapots I have for the Colborne Art Show in March.  They’re part of the new slip process, so it will be great to see what they look like when they are fired to temperature and have a clear glaze on them.  I’m not sure if the clay itself will be white enough but it will be a good start to figuring it all out.  And, being stuck here in the studio is forcing some focus!

Be well,