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Here we are, in between seasons.  The heat is sort of on upstairs, but the studio is chilly.  It’s lovely out around noon, but the frost needs to be cleared from the car windows in the morning.  In between teaching schedules (only two daytime spaces left for November…), in between the firing and opening of the wood firing, and so on …


Well, not everything is inbetween —


Say hi to Sammi.

Say hi to Sammi.

There’s a brand new studio puppy.  Not that I can replace Sam (you might remember that he died a couple of months ago), but this opportunity came up for another — and he looks like Sam, so I couldn’t resist.  Was going to name him Joey, or something like that, but my husband said he looks like a Sam, so we’ve named him Sammi.  He’s four pounds.  Smaller than my slippers!




Did you notice that the website is being updated (look at the gallery)?  Trying to decide whether to go with shopify or something like that, or just go with buttons to purchase off the website.  Problem is, all of these things take up the time I could be producing something!  Would be helpful to have a shop elf — like the cobbler, especially if s/he’d work for food (we always have lots of fine food!).  In fact, I should be throwing right now.  I’m taking part in another wood firing in a couple of weeks and I have some ideas for vases — maybe combination hand-building and thrown.  Something’s always passing through this little brain.  I’d really like to see some carbon trapping like Jane Thelwell, but she used a gas kiln.  Thinking about making one of those in the Spring.  Always something to plan for.  That’s the best thing about this journey.


Rough photos!  More mugs to come ...

Rough photos! More mugs to come …

In the meantime, here’s some very large mugs that are heading to the showroom and onto the website once I’ve done some decent photos.  They’re part of my ‘Ancient’ series.  Still working on getting a large enough body of them together to make a statement.  Fortunately/unfortunately sold about half as soon as I put them on the shelf, so now I have to make more to make a decent photo.  Tough, eh?  Good thing they’re fun to make …




I’m also working on a program for the Dharma Centre of Canada for March.  It will be an exploration of colour and form — great to get our minds moving in new directions.  Going to do all kinds of crazy things … colour filters, coloured glasses, food in primary colours, painting with colour washes, sculpting clay and staining it with colour.  Three days of coloured bliss. (whatever colour bliss is … ha, ha!)  I’ll get you the dates as soon as they’re firm.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a dozen of us putting colour into the drab month of March?


Just about dinner time, and my tummy is grumbling!  So, an elf, a cook, and a gas kiln are all I need.  Don’t want much, eh?


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD