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Sometimes it does a body good to be sitting in good company, whether that’s other potters or old friends (sometimes there’s an overlap!).  This week I’ve done both, or I should say my pots have.  I’ve been in the company of good friends … and the pots, they’re in Las Vegas, hanging out with some very extraordinary pots.  

You can see the cup show here … Las Vegas Cup Show.  If you watch the video you’ll see that while my cups are in great company, you don’t actually get to see mine in the video (except for a very quick flicker to prove they are actually really there).  I presume this is so that my ego doesn’t get too inflated.  But, if you watch the video to the end you’ll see some pretty fantastic cups — which kind of makes me wish mine were in a paper bag!  So the ego thing may not be that big a problem …

Good thing I’ve got some great buds to hang out with.  They keep me on the straight and narrow, and I’m sure that if my head got too swelled they’d give it a knock anyway.  

I’m trimming pots and teaching today.  Hoping to make some monster bowls (bride season is coming up, need stuff for weddings and showers).  Found a bunch of bags of old stiff clay at the back of the cupboard this morning as well, so I guess I’ll be doing some handbuilding in the next little bit.  Always something that needs to be done!


Hope you’re having a great day too!

Susan McD