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We’ve had an invasion as you can see!

They are everywhere on the back lawn by the firing shed, and I mean EVERYWHERE!  The question is, are faeries far behind?  Strange question you ask?  Not at all!  Because I’ve just started a process of making mystical creatures and homes for the garden.  My first prototype is pretty bad.  But the next ones will be much simpler and hopefully, much easier!

I got a little caried away.  She’s built like a football player, but the next one will have more flow!  And then there’s the faerie houses.  Going to throw a bunch of them.


This is what happens when I need a break from functional pots and teapots.  I’m not great at handbuilding, and I’ve never done sculpture, but you have to start somewhere …  All the parts are thrown, so that’s the easy part.  Getting arms and legs that look like they’re part of the whole should be another adventure in clay!


Don’t despair though.  Have a kiln load of blue and white bowls, etc., in the kiln as I write, so there’s still lots to chose from if you’ve got a wedding to go to, or something like that!  

In the meatime, will keep my eyes open for teeny, tiny, faeries!


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD