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It was a scramble to get the pots into the kiln before the next snow storm hits … and while the temperature is around freezing.  Having the kilns outside in a shed does have it’s drawbacks.  I think I was slightly spoiled at the old studio!  In any case, they are in now and warming up.  Now I have to wait for a day or two to see how the process with the water-soluble colorants works out.  THIS IS THE HARDEST PART!  Sometimes it’s like Christmas and sometimes it’s like Hallowe’en.  I said a little ‘Hail Mary” to the kiln gods and did a little meditation on patience and wisdom (so I don’t crack the lid too soon).  I’ll show you what happened in a couple of days!


Waiting to be trimmed!

Waiting to be trimmed!

In the meantime, I trimmed the new slip covered pieces (I’d tell you how I did them,but then I’d have to kill you, as they say …).  They have to dry for a couple of days and then they’ll go into the kiln for a bisque.


Still working on more mugs for the show at the Colborne Art Gallery as well, so busy days.  Can’t wait to do some magic on their surfaces!   Could be very cool … I need to see how the kiln load turns out before any more big plans though, so I’m stuck in the waiting game!


Be well,