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And boy, did I get mine wrong!


I thought we’d wiz through all of the things that needed to be done when we got here to our new location, that we’d have the showroom dropped off, the studio set up, the kiln room wired and insulated, and so on … at least by the Fall (after all, we did move in here in June!).  Then we got here, and found that the septic was buried under a pond — which had to be dug up so it could be cleaned (it still has a slight peu odeur).  Then we stepped out onto the back deck, which looked lovely in the pics, and found that it was rotted to the core (it’s now disassembled and created a darn fine bonfire).  Then we found that the eaves·troughs hadn’t been cleaned in about twenty years and had split (remember all that rain a couple of weeks ago, that flooded Toronto?  We got them too, and they were pouring down the roof!).  Good thing everything inside the house is in good order, or we’d be heading for the hills!


The upshot is that the wood for the new deck is being ordered next week, and it will probably take a good couple of weeks to build it.  The eaves are getting done in a week or two, and then the work can start on the kiln room, etc.  By then I’ll have enough work done to keep it going for about a week straight!  But, you can see where the priorities have been … my husband is not a potter!  He thinks it’s more important that we don’t kill someone (falling through the back deck) than getting the kiln up and running.  Imagine that!


In the meantime I’ve got the AirBnb thing going with our spare rooms, and I’ve been sooooo busy getting things set up that I haven’t had that much time to pot anyway.  Getting back at throwing next week, and have some ideas for some more artsy stuff, so we’ll see what happens.  Also had a visit from some Irish friends who brought me back some leprechauns, so I may be doing some leprechaun houses for the garden … might have to figure out what they’d be … they’re pretty solitary creatures.


It’s a glorious day out there today … so I think I’ll head to the beach for a swim.  If you can’t pot, may as well swim, eh?

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Hope you’re having a great day!

Much Love,

Susan McD