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Mugs before firing.

Mugs before firing …

The Colborne Show is set up and I have the labels here to go on everyone’s work on Friday … but guess what guys?  We put up this great grid for mugs by the door at the gallery (the same grid that I used for my 108 teapot installation a few years ago) and 4 mugs sold during set-up!  I wasn’t there … but how exciting is that?   I only have about a dozen of the new cups left, and I thought that maybe someone might like some to match a teapot if they bought one — but it may be too late!


Mugs done in slip. Looking painterly I hope!

Should have taken more pictures!

Green Blue

Green and Blue

It’s very exciting when you try something new and someone else thinks it’s fun too — especially when they’re willing to put their hard earned cash towards your work.  Now the pots that didn’t make it don’t seem that important (and there were lots of failures in this run of experimentation).  I’m already starting to think of color combinations.  If I know the way my brain works — soon I’ll be dreaming them in technicolour.


There are some small wine cups on display too, but I’ll be darned if I can find pictures of them, but as my son Brent (who is getting married this weekend) would say — “It’s All Good!.


Hope you’re having a great day …


Getting closer!

Getting closer!