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I started out having one of those days.  You know the kind … the weather is bleak and dreary, you “ache in the places that you used to play,” you drag out the morning coffee, spend more time than you need on Facebook, and just generally put off anything constructive.  Yes, that’s the one.  And then I went to work.


For some people the prospect of going to work is a downer, and I’ve had those jobs myself.  But not this one.  My energy starts to rise as I head down the stairs (I think there’s 12 of them) to my basement studio — and today was perfect for the job at hand.  The students are on pause for a few weeks and the time is ripe for a studio overhaul.  I stood in the doorway to the studio and started the reconfigure in my head, then dragged my poor husband (with his sore back) down to give me a hand.  You could possibly swing a cat in the studio now (if you had the urge to do that …), and I could twirl around myself without hitting anything as well.  Great feeling!


It's a dance floor!

It’s a dance floor!









What’s the moral of the story?  May as well work at something that puts some snap in your step and a smile on your face … Now, cleaning doesn’t generally do that for me, but this is a short-stop to a pottery extravaganza — glazing like crazy tomorrow for a wood firing this weekend.  And then two weeks of making like mad before the studio fills back up again with people.   You couldn’t pay me enough to work this hard!


Not to mention that there’s a kiln load firing as I write, and another bisque to go in when that cools down (will post pics tomorrow!).  Working backwards and clearing out my office and the showroom later.  Maybe I’ll even have enough space cleared to do a painting or two.  Had a bunch of ideas bubbling.  Have to see if I can remember them!


Who has more fun than me?


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD