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Tony Clennell has his ‘itch’ and a stuffed animal that he talks to.  Carter Gillies has dreams about pottery.  Me, I have a mouse … Sad, but true … thought he was a goner, thought he’d left the building, but he (or one of his compatriots) is back. Not much mess, not much of a bother, no shredded kleenex for a nest, and so far hasn’t made any inroads into the pantry — (very fussy mouse, won’t eat anything with additives, and I’ve put all of the good stuff in the freezer — but what persistence!  I may actually be getting attached to the little guy … or his relatives.).  But I know that the signs that he does leave behind (ha, behind …) are not healthy for humans and so the battle continues.


Raw teapot

Just goes to show you that what you think is done, may not be.  I thought that my newest teapots would be ‘footed’ with lillypads, dragons, tigers, etc. (as I found the molds in the last big cleanup), but the pot had different ideas … refused feet and it’s all about the pot.  Doesn’t look like it in the photo, but it’s actually porcelainous clay, so it will be very bright white clay.  The next decision will be how to glaze it, and I’m getting the urge (not an itch exactly) to do something artsy fartsy with it.  Will have to see when it’s bisque fired — maybe it’s time to go back to some meditative dots, or applique.  Might be a blast from the past for me.  


What’s next?  I need a project I can get my teeth into … so I think I’m going to take up the 100 pot challenge.  100 plates, 100 cups/teabowls, 100 bowls.  I have an idea.  Have to see how that goes.  Won’t do 100 teapots though … I could already do a book of 1,000 teapots!


… And painting.  Now that the space is clear enough for a full sheet of paper I’m going to drag out the inks.  That should help to loosen me up!  Will post pictures if you’re interested …


Hope you’re having a great day.  

Susan McD