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Zoey -- helping in the Studio.  Giving her 'angry dog' look!

Zoey — helping in the Studio. Giving her ‘angry dog’ look!

Yes, this is what happens in the Summer here in the studio!

It probably looks like nothing is getting done — and that might actually be true — but I’m going to knuckle down, and as soon as the dog stops having fits over the kitchen reno the clay will be flying … Maybe.


Monty helping to keep things loose in the studio ...

Monty helping to keep things loose in the studio …

That’s the problem with fine weather and water outside my door.  It’s so bloody hard to make myself stay out of the garden, or out of the lawn chair, even though I know that Fall is approaching fast (and Winter is coming, har, har) … with Fall Classes and shows piling up!  I keep on making commitments and then looking at my empty show room.  EGADS!  And then Monty showed up too.  So we did a little work, in between the horsing around (Monty is my grandson, and you all know how that goes).


So, I’ll put on a glaze firing for the last of student work from this year tomorrow, finish that off, and start planning for 2017.  That’s right, 2017!  Can you believe it?  Planning a get-away to the British Ceramics Biennial (if we can still travel there, that is …), with a quick excursion to Northern Scotland and Ireland.  As you can imagine — that means I really DO HAVE TO get down to busines, sell lots of pots, do lots of shows, and teach lots of classes.  Hard life, eh?


Lucky for me, classes are filling up already … and I’ve got two months to get those pots in the oven!   All I need now is some inspiration and some rain — that might keep me in the studio!



Hope you are enjoying this fabulous summer weather too.


Be well,