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What a ride this had been! 

First, we get here for one of the hottest summers on record (everywhere, not just here of course) which slows down our projects, then Mr. Mac has an accident and attempts to put his eye out (luckily he missed, just broke his cheekbone) which meant he had to slow down and behave himself for a couple of weeks, then we put the kiln outside under the carport to discover that the wind up here will blow rain (and I suppose snow) directly onto it!  So now the carport is in the process of becoming part of the studio!

Gary filling in the carport … which will eventually become part of the studio!


I have started working though.  I’ve had a couple of firings in the kiln, when the weather was amenable, and I’ve got work that’s been waiting for rain/sleet to stop long enough for a glaze firing.  Then most of that work will go to the Southampton Art Gallery.  It started carrying my work this October, and I’m having a time keeping up!  How cool is that?

Waiting for the kiln …

More … waiting for kiln.  


Even though the showroom is not finished and is pretty rustic, I’m going to set up a display just in case there’s interest in pieces for Christmas, etc.  The REAL opening of the showroom will be the May 24 weekend, and everything will be in place and prettied up then.  I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head for when that happens … could be dangerous!

The showroom … pretty rustic on the inside!


In the meantime, I am starting beginners pottery classes in November.  We’ll start off with hand-building and getting used to the properties of clay and glazes.  Should be fun.  I’ll be looking for more wheels at some point, but I’ll see how much interest there is before I make the leap.  There are so many great things you can make hand-building, I may just become a convert myself!  If you’re interested in classes here in Tara check out the ‘classes‘ page.


For all my buddies back in Port Hope/Cobourg/Frankford — I miss you all and wish we could just pop in and out for coffee or tea.  You might want to come here though … the scenery is fantastic, and it seems that there’s a family party every second week.  You know how much you love them!

View from the kitchen window …

And, I still have flowers in bloom — in spite of cold evenings and a sprinkling of snow!

Flowers in front garden.

How amazing is that?


We start curling in November.  That will be a new adventure for me … guess I’ll find out how to hurry hard.  I’ll post pics when we start.  Should be a good chuckle!


Hope you’re having a great day!


Susan McD