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It’s true, actually.  It is another day in paradise.


Took the dog for a walk this morning.  The air is brisk and clear.  The geese that have been hording here in the cove have taken off for greener pastures (which means another gaggle will arrive shortly).  The sun is streaming through my windows as I sit here at the computer working through the last of my tax crap for 2015.


I’ll be lucky to break even at this pottery business of mine, in spite of the amount of lugging of pots I did last year.  And, every year around this time my husband and I have this great discussion about whether it’s worth the aggravation — especially when we look at the hydro costs and the amount of mileage I put on the car.


Firing the Wood Kiln!

Firing the Wood Kiln with Monica!

Collaboration with Charles Funnell.

Collaboration with Charles Funnell.

THEN I run into #Monica at #Frantic Farms, and she invites me to a wood firing … and gives me two months to get ready! (Usually she gives me three weeks if there’s a last minute opening …).  Or #Charles #Funnell agrees to put in a joint application with me for a show … and the thought of planning more work with him gets me all in a lather (He IS such a fabulous artist!).  Or, the clay starts to call my name again, and I start having pot dreams (as in clay pots, in case you’re wondering!).  And, believe it or not, this is the time of year applications for calls-for-entry for next Christmas season have to be in …. geez, eh?


I have decided to cut back a bit though.  Going to try and make a go of it without teaching any more for this year — or at least until the Fall.  We plan to take full advantage of our new location this year — of sun, sand, and water — and will be doing a major reconstruction of the gardens (potters and gardens, what’s with that, eh?).  Would like to turn the showroom into a proper destination and that’s going to take a bit of work, and marketing I suppose.  Lugging pots is not as much fun as it used to be …


In the meantime, will just keep chugging along with the tax stuff.  Just one more day should get it done for this year.  That thought and a good cup of tea should keep me going until I can get my hands back in the clay again!


Be well my friends,